Hawai`i Travelogue: Part 3

Three Nights in Big Island (Hawai'i) - Hawai`i is the largest of all islands in the Hawai`ian archipelago. Nicknamed as “Big Island”, this geologically youngest island of Hawai`i befittingly earned the moniker due to its staggering size that can fit nearly twice the...

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Hawai`i Travelogue: Part 2

Two Nights in Maui (The Valley Isle) - Our 2-day O'ahu trip was over and on July 3rd, we were all set to explore our next travel destination, Maui-the second largest of Hawai`ian islands. The island is named after the demigod Māui in Hawai`ian mythology and also known...

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Hawai`i Travelogue: Part 1

Two Nights in O`ahu (The Gathering Place) - Back in 2014, when Sankha and I were living continents apart in Australia and United States, we once thought of meeting in a Hawai`ian island to celebrate Christmas together. Somehow that plan didn’t materialize, but since...

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